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  • Hudák could see through, beyond and above the things, he concentrated all three time levels into a single moment, the anticipation of untimely end is involved in the obsession with death – continuously present. The life is seen as "the short film / between two / breaks" (Eternity). From all sorts of things we can deduct that we can't be very optimistic about what is coming – and not just because we can't verify our judgements.
  • In the context of the Slovak poetry Vlado's poetry does not stand for setting out in a new direction; something what especially literary critics and to a lesser extent, readers, expect from each and every book published. The author's poetics of the abbreviation, linguistic or life paradox and introspection are in principle essential poetic tools of poetry. However, it is much more difficult to arouse one's interest using these means. M. Vlado did finally succeed in achieving this; he did find a way of bringing these tools into a functional harmony...

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Pavol Hudák

Pavol Hudák

Website dedicated to the poet

Literary work of this author fascinates by eloquent hidden meaning of his poems. Maybe you will also become fond of poetry, which will attract not only you, but also future generations.

Martin Vlado

Martin Vlado

Website dedicated to the poet and writer

Literary work of this author is confronted with everyday experiences, offering the concealed, what does not lie in the unfinished sentence. Maybe you will also like this kind of literature.


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